Why a 15k challenge?

Dear Friends,

Earlier this week we launched a 15k in 15 days challenge. 

Here's the backstory on why the push to get to 15k. 

Firstly–is 15k enough to fund production? Heck to the no! But it is a great start for getting a downpayment to our manufacturer.  

Every year around this time, I get a pit in my stomach. Honestly the second half of the year is super slow with swim sales and our savings dry up.

Manufacturing businesses notoriously operate on razor-thin margins. And we don't cut corners as a brand. 

Therefore, when October rolls around, my business bank account is starting to sprout cob webs. That's simply the way this type of business is. 

Simultaneously we're starting to place fabric orders and PO's with our manufacturer to start production on our 2023 line. At this point, we've forecasted sales, gathered orders from retailers and are ready to order more product. 

Here's where it gets tricky:

Manufacturers require deposits before they'll produce. Then once they deliver the product, they require the rest of the payment.

But we won't be shipping product to retailers and launching on our website until January at the earliest.

That means there are three months when we have all of our funds (and more!) sitting in product that we aren't able to sell yet (and some of which we haven't even received from our manufacturer). 

I built this business to serve and empower women in watersports. Its primary goal is to build community. 

So here's where pre-orders, raffles and sales come in–it's a way to garner support from YOU, our community and to be totally transparent with what goes into running this business.

It may be hard, it may be terrifying, it may make me want to throw up sometimes, but at the end of the day, when I read your messages and see your comments and watch your support flow in, it reminds me–that's why I started this business, to connect, serve, empower and build something that was missing before.

A world in which women no longer doubt themselves and are able to build each other up instead of compete, compare and tear one another down. 

Thank you for doing that for me this week. 

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