Top Adventure Gear Stores for Women

Top Adventure Gear Stores for Women

A recent study done by showed that women (ages 18-24) are out-adventuring men! Turns out, women like to do fun things in the Outdoors just as much (if not more) than the guys do. Who would've guessed? ;)

With more demand for high-end, technical, well-fitting and great-looking performance pieces, online retailers are stepping up to deliver. 

We love these women specific stores. Some are brand new, some have been around for a long time, but all of them deliver quality products for active women. 


1. Wylder Goods. This female-run, female-specific outdoor store walks the walk. The e-commerce store operates on the premise that everything we buy has an impact (which it does!), and therefore they choose to only work with brands that meet a variety of factors including; mission driven, use alternative packaging, balance beauty with function, perform the best and are designed by women and for women. 

2. Title Nine. The OG of women's-specific sports stores! Title Nine has been pioneering and championing women in the sports, athletics and outdoors world since 1989 when founder Missy Park decided the women needed gear to support their active lifestyles. They use real, active women as models, work with the best brands and support female-founded companies-we're now in their stores!

3. Dovetail Workwear. Finally, women's-specific workwear! Their mission is "To encourage women to enter and succeed in non-traditional occupations. We envision the future as all women fulfilling their personal potential, thriving in their work, and strengthening their communities." Heck yes!

4. Coalition Snow. Badassery at its finest, Coalition Snow is breaking down barriers in the ski and snowboard industry and beyond! They are the first company specializing in women's skis and snowboards, designed by women, for women. They offer no-bullshit, honestly refreshing women's empowerment that will make you want to climb mountains, err ski down 'em. 

5. Shredly This adventure store focuses on women's mountain bike gear but also offers leggings and tops for hiking, running, paddleboarding and more. Their 100% female-specific focus makes them leaders in the mountain bike space and the fit and colorways of their women's mountain bike and outdoor short is unparalleled.

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