Top 12 Reasons Why Kiteboarding is Cool

1. The community rocks! Despite being a little weird, kiteboarders are there to help you out, give you a launch, reminisce about the session and get you stoked to go ride again. 
2. In what other sport is there a “walk of shame”? 
3. Post-session beers. Yes, you burned enough calories. Yes, you deserve it. Yes, you can buy me one.
4. There are SO many accessories! Go-joes, sea-specs, go-pros, line-mounts, board shorts, wetsuits, booties, gloves, harnesses, life-vests, headphones, zinc-oxide sunscreen. Oh, there are some great looks out there. 
5. The many, many places you can go ride. Kiteboarding allows you to be an explorer! Session in the surf! Ride in the flats! Take a trip to Morocco! The possibilities are truly limitless. 
6. You are not the #1 victim choice for a shark. 
7. Downwinders. An epic way to get from point A to point B.
8. Board choice. You have so many options=opportunities to progress=opportunities to want that beer even more. Dang foil boards!
9. Water-fi’s. Riding with music, count me in! 
10. On-water hi-fives. A quick way to bring a smile to your face! 
11. BOOOOSSSTTTTTSSSSS! Who doesn’t love big air?
12. Ladies: You can have your choice of men at the beach.   Have fun out there! XO Sensi Graves

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