The "I am Awesome" Exercise

Have You Told Yourself How Awesome You Are Lately?
We can be really hard on ourselves can't we? It's easy to beat ourselves up, not feel like enough or be constantly comparing ourselves to others.

This does not make us happy and healthy humans. 

It works a lot better if instead we bolster ourselves, make ourselves feel proud, build our resilience and believe in our awesomeness so that we can get through the challenging times. How do we do that? 

I teach women tools to build their confidence and believe in their self-worth. This is one of my favorite exercises to teach...the I AM AWESOME exercise.

To create conviction and resolve in what we’re doing takes first believing in what we’re doing and more importantly, believing in ourselves and our own ability to achieve. To create more belief in ourselves, we must acknowledge our strengths, inspire confidence in ourselves and truly work on setting ourselves up for success.  Oftentimes, as women especially, we have a hard time really acknowledging what we’re good at. 

I'm sure you’ve experienced this for yourself... You give someone a compliment and they shrug it off saying "oh, this is just an old dress," or you applaud your friend and they demure and say "ah, I’m not that good."  

There’s a difference between being humble and having internal strength and confidence to try. Humility is a great thing, and so is self-love. Standing strong and proudly in how awesome and amazing you are will allow you to shine your light on other people. A beaming, happy human has a much more positive impact on the world than a human that's hiding their strengths. 

This is an exercise I teach my clients in order to practice claiming what they're good at, standing in their power and allowing them to shine their light!

What do you say? Will you give it a try?

Here's how it works:

1. Set a timer for one minute
2. Aim your camera at your beautiful face and hit record
3. Talk to the camera and repeat: "I am awesome because…I am awesome because..." Fill in the blanks!
4. Keep going for one minute! You can do it!


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