On location in the Mentawais

How do you test your suits?

One of the questions we often get asked. We are constantly in development here at Sensi Graves Swim and we are simultaneously creating new styles and refining our tried and true pieces. 

With our new pieces, we send samples to our ambassador team and solicit feedback. They're using the suits to SUP, kite, surf and do yoga and we ask for specific ways that we can make them better. 

Secondly we do fit testing on a variety of body types. We size the suits on XS-2XL body sizes to see how they fit when they're scaled up and down. 

Once we've got a style that we like, we put it into production! But the work doesn't start there. Nothing is ever "perfect" and as we wear and test the suits on our own trips and travels and send more and more product out into the world, we get feedback that we then incorporate into future versions. 

"I would love to see this suit with bra cups in it"

"Can you make this top adjustable"

"More coverage please!"

"Cheekier please!"

We try to evolve the sizes, fits and styles to serve as many of our rockstar customers as possible. 

But perhaps our favorite way to test suits is on location!! Surf trips, kiteboarding trips, boat trips and beach time are the best way to test the fit, durability and wear and tear!

Last fall our videographer Joy Armstrong and model Rochelle Hathaway went to the Mentawais for a content trip. The fact that they could also test suits was the cherry on top 😉

Watch the video here!

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