Morning Rituals for the Best Day Ever

Morning Rituals for the Best Day Ever

There's been a lot of buzz about morning rituals lately, for good reason. There's lots of research out there that confirms that the way we start our day has a direct impact on our well-being and productivity. We asked our Owner/Designer Sensi and our Team Sensi superwomen to share what rituals they rely on to set up a great day. Read on, get inspired, and make your mornings more meaningful!

Sensi Graves:

sensi graves yoga

I love rituals. And I find the morning to be an especially important time to set the tone for the day. It's easy to get rushed in the morning and sometimes it can feel like you're trying to cram too many things in to that time slot so I focus on just a few and try to do them every day. 

The first thing I do when I open my eyes is think positive thoughts. I find it helpful to imagine what fantastic things I want to have happen that day and then say a few mantras. My current favorite is "I live an awesome, relaxed life full of projects that I love and enjoy" from Jen Sincero. This gets my revved up for action. 
Secondly, I put my sports bra or bikini top on and head to my garage for a quick 20 minute workout. I like to do the daily workouts from, which are free, quick and get my blood pumping for the day. I like to "warm up" my body and get it moving before I sit down at my desk.
My third ritual is to make a mug of warm lemon water. I always like to start my day with lemon water because it gets your metabolism going, balances your PH and rehydrates after 8 hours of not drinking. 
There are many more things that can help set a positive tone for the day (meditating, journaling, etc.) but these three rituals work for me!  
Sarah Hauser:

sarah hauser bikini

I like to try, as much as I can, to look at nature (the ocean, the leaves of a tree, the sky) first thing before looking at my phone.

Alexa Hohenberg:

still stoked yoga

My rituals are a hot drink, either a coffee, cup of English breakfast tea or a Turmeric latte with ginger and coconut milk, followed by a stretch.
In the mountains when I'm guiding with early starts, long long days, and freezing cold temps, the Turmeric latter aka golden milk, is my go-to for its anti-inflammatory properties. Add a bit of cinnamon and it warms me up nicely too! On surf trips, I always make a coffee and go check the waves. Always a coffee :-)
While I wait for my tea to cook, I stretch my body. Whether it's hanging off a door frame to straighten out my spine, a quick downward dog or longer yoga session. I get that blood and energy moving before I start my day. Yoga helps me to focus and give an intention to my day. 
Shannon Mahre:
shannon mahre
1. COFFEE! When you wake-up at 4am, this is a must... at least for this mama. A scoop of Adam's Crunchy Peanut Butter is my go-to wake-up snack as well.
2. Sun Salutations - While my coffee is brewing, I try to fit in at least 6 rounds of Sun Salutations (sometimes my dog Chopper likes to "help" which turns into snuggle time). This helps me get going for the day (and workout) ahead.
3. Sunscreen, Shoes, Running Pack and Pups: Early mornings are my time to train and to get out on the trail sans our little munchkin. So whether I'm training for a 50 mile trail run or trying to get in better shape for my job as an adventure photographer, the trail is my go-to playground most days of the week.
4. Breakfast with my Kiddo: When I get home from my run or bike ride, my husband, Andy, leaves for work and hands off our son to me for the day (he is my partner in crime as I work from home running 2 of our businesses). We always have breakfast together: His fave? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with blueberries and cheerios on the side. And mine? Turkey bacon, eggs, kale and my favorite Avocado Ranch Dressing... oh, and another coffee (I swear I don't have a problem... well, not a big one at least. :)
5. Work, play and have a RAD day! #nuffsaid
Isabel Von Zastrow:
isabel von zastrow
I'm always drinking coffee and watering my garden.
How do you set your morning in motion? We'd love to hear from you. #sensibikinis

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