Life/Business Update

12. The numbers of years I've been running this brand for. We've experienced lost packages, mis-sewn suits, sizing debacles, thousands of dollars in stolen goods, factory changes, COVID, fabric shortages, materials delays, overproduction, underproduction, development issues and more. I've shed so many tears for this business and wanted to give up way more times than I can count. 

I don't even know if I would say that it's been worth it. 😉 But what I can say is that I am proud of myself and the brand I've created and the community of women that stands behind it--YOU. You are beyond inspiring and so badass. I love hearing from you.

Recently, I got an email that said:

"I want to start with thanking you guys for making my favorite bikini of all time. This bathing suit has been my main suit for almost 10 years! It blows my mind that it is still in such amazing shape and so true in color."

This made my day. And reminds me that behind the website and the names on the orders are awesome, amazing humans. I think it can get easy to forget that we're here to serve, whether that be in your business or in your community. When you come from a place of service and strive to uplift and impact those around you, your self-worth rises and you feel purposeful.

It can be easy to forget that.

As I said before, I've wanted to give up on this business 1000 times. Remembering YOU and remembering that we're here to serve has helped me keep going.

With that in mind, this year, I decided to bring on a partner. Someone to help drive forward the vision for this brand--toward empowering women, inspiring those around us and creating a product that lasts, from the most sustainable materials possible. 

I am thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of the Sensi Graves Swim team, Rebecca Kaufman Ward, a creative strategist, global design leader and passionate sustainability advocate. Rebecca will be leading the team in all things design, brand development and strategy.

Stay tuned. Good things are coming. We will have more announcements as the year progresses, so keep checking in. You won't want to miss it.


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