Introducing The Scoop with Sensi

Hello friends!

I'm thrilled to be starting a new weekly series, The Scoop with Sensi. 

The intention with this weekly feature is to offer a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into running a swimwear business. I'll be talking about the production process, how we design new pieces and the pros and cons of manufacturing in the US. I'll also be sharing mindset tips, how I keep going when its hard and why your energy is everything. Finally, I'll be brining in other founders and creatives to share their insights, tips and stories to help you live an inspired and conscious life. Because if I can do it, so can you. 

This week, I'd like to broach a topic that can be a bit taboo in Western culture–MONEY. And in particular, money in how it relates to my business.

Money is a powerful took with loads of baggage attached to it. Depending on how we grew up, we develop different money stories, some that are empowering and some that are downright destructive. How we view money can create a whole lot of stress in our lives. 

Money is simply an exchange of energy. The power we give to money is our belief in it, but at its core, money is a way of exchanging value. When we pay for a good or service, we are saying that we value that good or service at the pre-determined price and that we feel like the value we will receive from that good or service is equal to the value of the money. 

We use our life-blood, our time, to earn money. And therefore it's important to be aware of how you're spending your money and whom you're spending it with. Because in reality, you are trading your time aka your energy, for this good or service or thing. 

What does this have to do with bikinis?

Because our bikinis cost money and I'd like to explain why we price them the way we do. Our bikinis may be expensive or cheap depending on who you are but we understand that for many folks, they are an investment. So what makes our swimwear expensive?

Because of the energy that goes into each and every piece. 

Firstly, we start with premium fabrics made from reclaimed fishing nets and recycled plastic bottles. The time, resources and knowledge that goes into the creation of this fabric is no joke. The companies that are producing these fabrics are literally going into the ocean and retrieving fishing nets. That takes energy. We believe in their work and we believe in their product and therefore the basis of our swimwear is working with high-quality fabrics that will last as long as possible. 

Secondly, we manufacture at ethical factory partners in the United States. Could we produce at a cheaper cost overseas? Most certainly. If we manufactured in China, our suits would cost 70% less to sew. And yet that does not fit into our values or the impact we want to have on the world. The relationship we have with our factory partners in Los Angeles, the reduction of fossil fuels and the impact we're able to have in our local communities necessitates a higher cost. 

Finally, we give back. We donate 1% of sales to environmental groups because we believe that that's the cost of doing business on our planet. We also offset all of our carbon because, once again, that's the only way forward we see as a sustainable business. We also only utilize recycled hang tags, labels and packaging. These components and values means that we pay a little bit more, across the board, to create products that stand for something. 

The energy that goes into each and every one of our pieces is no joke. The time and care and thought we put into the design and production is no joke. The life and love we give each of our suits is no joke. Our pricing reflects that. 

Our bikinis aren't expensive. They're an investment. And they will last you a whole heck of a lot of sessions. I promise. 

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