Inspirational Women

Women entrepreneurs are one of our favorite topics of discussion here at Sensi Bikinis. We can make plenty of arguments for why we like seeing women in business and why there should be more of them, but let's keep it to a few short points. We'll also share with you some of our recent woman-crushes. They're killing it. 1. We can relate. Seeing a woman succeed in business whether that be on the small scale (owning her own coffee shop) or to a massive audience (hello Oprah) creates a feeling of connectedness and inspiration. The idea of "she can do can I!" is well and alive. I recently paid cold hard cash for Marie Forleo's B School. I was hesitant to make the initial investment but so far the course has been completely worth it. It's giving me the tools and wherewithal to expand on many aspects of my business. Marie is a bundle of energy and keeps it fun and funky while utterly dominating her chosen field (she's a life coach). She's an inspiration for creating your own brand in a way that is truly and uniquely yours. She makes it relatable and accessible. 2. They bring issues we care about to the forefront. I am utterly obsessed with New York Times Best Selling Author Kris Carr. Kris is a 10 year cancer survivor who has dedicated herself to sharing a healthy lifestyle and diet with her world. Through her personal experience with cancer, she gained a deep  connection with food and teaches a 'food as nourishment' lifestyle. She's genuine, relatable and a constant source of recipes. 3. They do want they want...and look damn stylish while doing it. I just started reading "#Girl Boss" by Nasty Gal owner Sophia Amoruso. Sophia's story is an impressive one; from starting her business dumpster diving and thrift shop scrounging to doing over $1,000,000 in sales during her lunch break, the rise of Nasty Gal has kept me enthralled. Sophia makes no excuses for how she wants to do things...she just does them. She teaches to have your own style and keep yourself in check. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty and put in the work to get where she wants to go. Oh Sophia, if I could have your stamina.   //Who are your inspirations?//

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