How to Stop Giving a Sh*t About Other People's Opinions

Ever feel yourself paralyzed from taking action, for fear of what others will think? Yeah, us too. And we need to stop worrying and live our own awesome lives! Here are 4 ways to stop giving a shit about other people's opinions of you:

1. Stop comparing. You know the old adage, "Keep your eyes on your own paper." Comparing your start with someone else's finish is bound to make you feel badly, and we really never know the full story of another person's journey anyway, especially through the highly filtered lens of social media. On that note, take regular breaks from social media and focus on your own life without trying to document it! It will help you determine what you want to do for you, and not for showing others.

2. Define success on your own terms. What brings you success? It's yours to define! Does it look like living in a van, enjoying your freedom? Or getting grounded and owning a home? Take some time to think and journal on this. What other people think matters way less once you know in your heart what it means to be successful for you, and that you're moving toward that.

3. Practice positive self-talk. How would you speak to a younger version of yourself? More than likely you'd reach out with encouragement and love, not criticism and judgment. Apply that same approach to the current you! When you feel more confident, you're less affected by outside opinions.

4. Seek joy and cultivate gratitude. What lights you up? Do more of that. Know what brings you stoke and enthusiasm and acknowledge it. I find myself walking around my house, saying "I love my house!" And make gratitude a practice. Feel lucky for where you are in your life. It's exactly where you should be.

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  • Joanii Fluette

    What an awesome article. I am 49 years old and this year I started painting, making jewelry from recycled dried paint, and recently decided to learn to kiteboard…I often find I am my own worst critic…but I am working on that and celebrating each little success

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