How to stay active during the cold Winter months

How to stay active during the cold Winter months

Ah, Winter time... 

A time of respite, self-care and sippin' on that turmeric latte. 

I moved to Hood River, Oregon a number of years ago and quickly found myself ensconced in a true snow-on-the-ground, it's freezing outside, Winter-time. It was a stark contrast to my California upbringing. Snowy winters make for less time on the water and less time moving outside in general and those first few Winters, I wasn't nearly as active as I normally like to be. 

I feel my best when I'm working out regularly and it's crucial to maintain muscle and stamina so that when Spring time hits, I'm ready to kiteboard again. 

Here are my top ways to keep your body moving during Winter time and staying fit during the off season (well, this is ski season!).

1. Join the gym.

I get it, most of us play outside. And going from trail running to jogging on the tread mill is straight up B-O-R-I-N-G. However, there is much to be said for getting yourself out of the house in the Winter time and going to a place specifically to move your body. Bonus: there are other motivated people working out there and I get to show off my cute leggings. 

2. Cross-country ski. 

Don't knock it until you try it. This is my new favorite winter activity for getting outside, breathing in some fresh air and working on my cardio. 

3. Do HIIT workouts.

High-intensity interval training is a great way to get a quick and effective workout in. These type of workouts don't require much, if any, equipment and are therefore excellent to do while in your living room. 

4. Yoga. 

Just 10 minutes of yoga in the morning will help awaken your body and get your day started in a positive way. Combine it with foam rolling to limber and loosen before you sit in an office chair all day. 

BONUS TIP: Looking good=feeling good. It's not shallow or dumb to want to look good while you're working out. When you look good, you stand up taller, you feel more confident, you're ready to run on that boring-ass tread mill! Looking good will help your confidence, which helps your performance. I've been using this top as a sports bra and am feeling on-fire at the gym. Booya. 

A healthy body is only truly possible with a healthy mind. Start working on yours today with our favorite affirmations below. 

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