How To Pack Like A Kite Pro

How To Pack Like A Kite Pro

If you’re into any sort of sport, traveling can easily become a hassle. Unless you’re willing to rent gear (golf clubs, tennis rackets, kites, surfboards, etc.) where you’re going, you’ll inevitably be lugging some equipment through the terminal. I dream of the time when I can take a trip with nothing but a carry-on. But that means I won’t have any toys! So for now, I’ll take the 50 lb alternative. 


Being the avid kiteboarding traveler that I am, I’ve developed a few systems and tricks for making my packing as seamless as possible. This enables me to sit back and actually enjoy my flight, all with just a few key pieces. Let’s get this trip off to a great start!

1. Only bring essentials. My number one packing rule is to always bring less than you think you need. Unless you’re attending NY Fashion week, options are not great. I know you have go-to shorts, tees and cover-ups that you always wear. Bring those! A kite/surf/ultimate vacay is not the time to be testing out whether you look great in a kimono.

2. Bring a first aid kit. Make it small. I’ve had numerous uses for my kit, including rashes, scrapes, bug bites and colds. It will help you feel more at ease to have a few essentials. A few essentials: Waterproof band-aids, disinfectant, Neosporin, Ibuprofen, tape, cold medicine, Tylenol pm, cortisone cream. My personal kit also includes: an ace bandage, arm sling, finger splint, hydrogen peroxide, and antibiotics.

3. Sunscreen! Lots of sun and sand always makes your skin react in weird ways. It’s best to have your go-to products on hand. Use what you trust! My favorites include: All Good Brand Sunscreen, Coconut oil, and Angelina Organics Skincare.

4. Pack a repair kit and pump. These items apply only to kites but the idea is the same across any sport--bring items just in case things go wrong. You don’t want to be enjoying an idyllic, off-the-beaten path kite trip and have to go find bladder patches…back on the path.

5. You can never have too many bikinis. They're small, light and it’s divine to not have to change into a wet suit.

6. Try going sans electronics. I don’t mean leave your laptop at home (that’s another of my necessary items!), but I do mean try to limit the time you spend on your electronics. While traveling extensively in Brazil, I was without a phone for 6 weeks. I loved it! It was so liberating to not feel like I had to be available, because I couldn’t be. I wasn’t about to pay roaming charges or set up a plan just so that I could get text messages. I felt less stress and more freedom. I highly recommend it. Therefore, take advantage of your travel time to be “unavailable”.

7. Have a great carry on. Good book. Neck pillow (I bought this before going to Brazil this past year. It’s changed my travel life). Almonds (snacks with high fat content help your skin from getting too dry). Water bottle (chug. it.). Face cream. Eye mask. Headphones. Crossword puzzle. A few movies (the last time you should use your computer to watch shows!). Make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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