How to Feel Good Now

Peace, calm, tranquility, joy, love, gratitude. These are the emotions we need right now. This is what we need to be filling our hearts and minds with. I know you're thinking–easier said than done, but we won't get any closer to feeling good if we don't try. 

Here are our strategies for reducing overwhelm, fear and anxiety and upping feeling good. 

1. What you focus on amplifies. It's incredibly easy to get caught up in the news, especially now. All social media is focused on this pandemic and we're getting constantly bombarded with fear-based stories. This becomes increasingly hard to deal with and leaves our hearts feeling heavy and our minds riddled with anxiety. 

The first step in feeling better is to look at what you're focusing on and consuming. Stop the influx of bad news. Stop the consumption and focus on being present, grateful and in the now. 

2. Notice how things make you feel. Everything that we consume affects how we feel–from the food we eat to the music we listen to, to the friends we hang out with and the news we read. It all affects us. Now that we know that what we focus on, influences our feelings, we must start to notice how our environment makes us feel. 

Noticing is the first step toward actually taking charge of how you feel. When we start to become aware of how the news makes us feel, we can choose to not ingest it. When we become aware that scrolling social media makes us envious, we can choose to lessen our intake. 

Start to notice how things make you feel and begin to choose things that make you feel great, instead of sucky. 

3. Words/Mantras. The words that you tell yourself have impact. If we use fear-based words, we will continue to be focused on fear. Therefore, it's crucial to use our words to inspire hope, practice gratitude and help ourselves feel amazing. This isn't about denial but about re-focusing.

Start to notice the language that you are using and the words you are saying. Then choose better. Choose more empowering words. Choose more positive language. Your words affect your reality. See this great article about this. 

4. Recognize that you have influence. We don't always recognize how impactful each of us are. But every single action that we take, choice that we make and word that we use, influences those around us. Others see how we act. Young children look to their parents to see how they react to a situation. Even if we aren't conscious of it, we absorb and take in how other people act. 

We are inspired by those around us. Think about the last time you were inspired by someone. Chances are, they were doing something and you thought "hey, that's awesome/rad/cool/impactful, I should do that too." Watching others is one of the ways we spread knowledge. 

Just as we are inspired by others, we are each an inspiration. During this pandemic, we are given the opportunity to lead. We are given the opportunity to inspire others through our actions and reactions. We are given the opportunity to show strength, resilience and courage. Acknowledge that. Take your power back and show up in the ways that you are able to. We are all watching. 

5. Actions. The final step toward feeling good is to take action. Your actions have a direct impact on how you feel and if we want to feel better, we must do thing that we know help us feel better. 

These can be simple actions, such as taking a bath, reading in the sunshine, meditating or journaling. As we navigate through our day, we must look for opportunities to do things that help nourish our soul and make us feel amazing. Put on something you love, blast music and dance around your living room, exercise. Take action on helping yourself feel great, by doing things that help you feel great!

I hope these served you. Go out and be awesome. 



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