How to Build a Healthier Mind and Body

How to Build a Healthier Mind and Body

Having a healthy mind and healthy body are both key to leading an enjoyable and happy life. Many people have spates of trying to be healthy and to look after their wellbeing but struggle to maintain the effort. The trick is to incorporate simple but effective practices into your life that will then become habits. Once something is a habit, it happens without effort. Here are five key steps to building a permanently healthier mind and body. 

Raw food 

Like that old cliché about the car, you can only expect your body to perform well if you’re putting high-quality food into it. Humans are designed to eat raw foods and while culturally we don’t do this a great deal, it’s easy to increase your raw food intake without changing much of your (hopefully already reasonably healthy) diet. 

Each morning set out say, five raw snacks for the day. These could include any type of fruit and vegetable such as apples and carrots. Also, nut and seeds make great healthy, raw snacks. Basic additions such as these foods could make a big difference to the health of your mind and body.


Regular meditation practice can help to ease stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and increase metabolism, among other benefits. Many people are afraid to meditate as they think they won’t be able to do it, or that it will be boring. Neither of these thoughts are true. Search the internet and YouTube for guided meditations. These will give you a safe work to get started. 


Regular exercise is a vital element of maintaining good physical and mental health. For those who don’t already participate in sports, starting an exercise regime can be daunting. It needn’t be. There are plenty of simple ways to get more active. Why not build a daily walk into your routine? If you work in a town, you could spend twenty minutes of your lunch hour walking to a different point each day. Other colleagues might start to join you. It’s a great way to explore your surroundings and get some exercise while socializing with friends. 

Alternatively, sign up for something fun such as a hooping class or pole dancing. Or, suggest to your family that instead of watching a film on Saturday, you all head to the countryside and learn some orienteering skills (while hiking, of course). Simple ways to increase your activity levels include taking stairs instead of the elevator, and even cleaning the house can be energetic if done in the right way!


Laughter is not that often spoken about, but it’s actually one of the healthiest things you can do. Proper out loud laughing has a range of benefits to both your mental and physical health. Laughing regularly can reduce stress and blood pressure, boost the immune system and energize your mind and body. Just like the other items on this list, laughter can help ease symptoms of mental distress. However, if you’re suffering from mental health issues, always seek advice from qualified professionals such as Ignite Teen Treatment Las Vegas.


Sufficient sleep is crucial to having a healthy body and mind. Try to build a good sleep routine and aim to get around eight hours per night. Sleep helps everything from memory and concentration to blood pressure to glowing skin. 

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