Now More Than Ever! Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season

Ahh, the holidays. It's always an emotional time, and this year, we have the added difficulty of accepting changes to our cherished traditions and celebrations. It's all the more important to take care of yourself this holiday season. Here are a few self-care strategies we're relying on!

Set An Intention. Think about how you want to feel this holiday season. Determining what's most meaningful to you will help you prioritize where you put your time and energy. And then keep coming back to your intention, making time for a few moments of quiet (maybe first thing in the morning, or pre-bedtime) to remember what's important to you and the mental space you want to be in.

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Keep Moving. Now more than ever, we have to prioritize our health. When our to-do list gets longer, exercise is often the first thing to fall off the list, but that's actually when it's most important to keep it up! Especially if the holidays tend to make you depressed or anxious, exercise is a proven antidote. Dedicate time to move your body.

Keep Connecting. We have to get creative this year, but physical distance doesn't mean we can't share our beloved traditions! Virtually bake cookies with your grandma, or plan a holiday movie date where everyone watches from their own home. Let's do our best to reach out to offer and seek connection with loved ones. 

Help others. Find ways, big and small, to give back to others. Check in with elderly neighbors, support restaurants, donate to a cause, offer to grocery shop—helping others gives us a sense of agency when things seem out of control, and puts our struggles in perspective.

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Be Grateful. Research shows that to be happy, you should focus on the things you are grateful for. Keeping that perspective becomes even more important when you're overwhelmed by your to-do list or stressed by uncertainty and change. Need help? Check out our tips for finding an attitude of gratitude.

 Wishing you happy, healthy holidays!

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