Holiday Self-Care Tips

Holiday Self-Care Tips

Ahh, the holidays. We look forward to them until we remember that they often come with stress and exhaustion! Take care of yourself this holiday season and you'll be better able to enjoy it. Here are a few self-care strategies we rely on!

Set An Intention. Before your calendar gets too packed, take a moment and really think about how you want to feel this holiday season. It's likely not "rushed" or "stressed." Determining what's most meaningful to you will help you prioritize. And then keep coming back to your intention. With all the socializing, and music and lights everywhere you go, the holidays involve a lot of stimulation, so embracing a few moments of quiet (maybe first thing in the morning, or pre-bedtime) to remember what's important to you becomes even more nourishing.

Keep Moving. When our to-do list gets longer, exercise is often the first thing to fall off the list, but that's actually when it's most important to keep it up! Especially if the holidays tend to make you depressed or anxious, exercise is a proven antidote. Whether your workout is about time for yourself, or an opportunity to connect with friends & fam (snowshoe hike, anyone?), just dedicate time to move your body.Sensi Bikinis beach workout

Think Presence Over Perfection. Your presence is truly the best present you can offer. Preparing the "perfect" meal means a lot less if you can't enjoy it with loved ones without distraction. Another important reminder: You don't have to do it all yourself! Delegate. Yes, maybe the gift wrapping and cookies will look better if you do it all. But letting others help could free up your time to spend in a more meaningful way with those you love.

Welcome Rituals. Rituals are grounding and connecting, and can provide guidance for how you spend and value time with loved ones. Protect time for traditions like making cookies with your grandma or watching your favorite holiday movie. But also continue any personal rituals you have, like the weekly girls night or yoga class. When your calendar gets packed, maintaining these traditions will help keep you grounded.

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Be Grateful. Research shows that to be happy, you should focus on the things you are grateful for. Keeping that perspective becomes even more important when you're overwhelmed by your to-do list or stressed by challenging family situations. Need help? Check out our tips for finding an attitude of gratitude.

 Wishing you happy, healthy holidays!

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