Encinitas Surf Guide!

Encinitas Surf Guide!

California Dreamin'? Us too. We asked Team Sensi surfer Sarah Schwab to give the lowdown on her favorite local spots in Encinitas. Grab your board and your girls and we'll see you there!

Oh, the Places You'll Surf! 

For some, deciding on a place to surf will make or break the surf session, for others it’s who you choose to surf with, and for me the question always seems to be what kind of wetsuit should I wear.

Today we will answer the first question WHERE SHOULD I GO?!!!!

Well first things first, how good are you? No matter where you are there will always be the beginner breaks and more intermediate/advanced breaks. Knowing your skill level is an important factor in deciding where you are going to go. 

If you ever find yourself in Encinitas here is where you should go based on your skill level:


North Moonlight 

north moonlight surf spot

Pic - Aaron Chang  

Moonlight beach is the most visited and easiest beach to access in Encinitas. If you find yourself wanting to learn to surf and have never touched a board or are rusty on the basics, head to Moonlight beach with a soft top (you can rent them at Moonlight) and be sure to surf north of the swim zone flags. Do not go south of the swim zone flags, that break is called D-Street and there are more intermediate/advanced surfers located there.

Also, if you are looking for lessons Concept Surf Shop offers surf lessons at Moonlight Beach.



pipes surf spot

Painting by Kevin Anderson 

So, you’ve gotten the pop up and turn under your belt and are looking for a break with a little more variety. Pipes is the place for you! Pipes is located about a half mile south of Swamis (just google map it) and has much less parking than Moonlight Beach. Street parking is free, and if you want to pay, there is a lot where you can buy a day pass. The allure of Pipes is that all levels of surfing are welcome. At the end of the ramp there is a beginner wave and as you move south each break contains more intermediate/advanced surfers.



swamis surf spot

Painting by Mary Helmreich

This is my personal favorite wave and beach to lifeguard. Swamis is the wave you surf after you have mastered Pipes. The wave here is not hard to surf but the crowd is something you must understand how to handle. The problem with Swamis is that there is a channel that surfers at every level can use to get out. This is a problem because once you paddle out the wave and the crowd at Swamis is unforgiving. Other than that, once you feel you are ready, be brave and paddle out. Swamis is a reef break with a fun inside and outside wave, and it can hold bigger swells way better than Pipes or Moonlight Beach.

Overall no matter where you go don’t forget to smile, wear sunscreen, be confident, and rock your Sensi Bikinis suit (It will stay on when you are out there shredding the gnar). 

We want to see your surf trip photos! Tag us #sensibikinis

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