Be a Greener Gift Giver

Be a Greener Gift Giver


Part of the fun of gift giving is presenting a beautifully wrapped package. It creates suspense, inspires delight, and looks fabulous under the tree. But consider what happens to all that packaging material as soon as you've ripped open your present. Americans spend an estimated 2.7 BILLION dollars each year on gift paper and decorations, and sadly most of it goes in the trash. Half of the paper consumed annually in the U.S. is used to wrap and package consumer products! 

This year we're resolving to put even more heart into our gift giving by reducing this waste and creating chic gift wrapping the green way. Join us? Challenge yourself to wrap your gifts in an eco-friendly way this year! Here are a few ways to create green gift wrapping, reduce your holiday waste, and still present a beautiful package: 

1. Make the wrapping part of the gift.
Make the packaging part of the gift by presenting it in a reusable bag (we love our organic cotton tote bag for this purpose!) Or repurpose fabric items like scarves, pillow cases, or tea towels. This is a great opportunity for creativity! fabric-gift-wrap-for-christmas-gifts

2. Buy Consciously.
At the very least, choose recycled gift paper and tissue. Even better, look for commercial gift wrap that is made from material designed for re-use. But our fave for being inexpensive and creative is brown paper (and paper bags). There are endless fun options for decorating this simple canvas with things like ribbon, drawings, and stamps. eco chic wrapping
3. Go Green - literally.

 leaf wrapped presentsleaf-and-flower-gift-wrap-idea  

Share your love of nature by incorporating it directly as the gift wrap. Large fresh leaves can be pliable enough to wrap around small gifts. (Or bigger ones, if you're lucky enough to live in the tropics!) Look for other natural elements like flowers, twigs, pinecones and boughs to make a beautiful gift topper. 

 What are some of your favorite green, chic ways to wrap gifts? Tag #sensibikinis

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