5 Reasons to Support Women-Led Businesses

The Holidays are upon us 😳, which means lots of yummy baked goods, cold weather and gift-buying. This week on The Scoop, we're looking at why you should choose to buy from women-led businesses. 💁🏽‍♀️

5 Reasons to Support Women-Led Businesses

1. Gender diversity in business leads to better decision making, greater innovation and higher employee satisfaction and retention. Supporting women in business and women in the workplace makes for a greater body of knowledge, more and different experience and leads to greater business success.

2. If we spotlight female leaders, more women will become empowered to be leaders themselves. You can't become what you can't see. 

3. The wage gap still exists. White women make 79cents to every dollar white men make. Black women make 62cents! Supporting women-owned creates a more equitable world for us all. 

4. Women-owned firms exhibit stronger financial performance.

5. Women serve consumers better as they are often more connected to the needs of women and women make up 72% of household spending in the U.S. 


Let's go women-led! Read more here.  

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