30 Things I've Learned at 30

30 Things I've Learned at 30

Last year, I had my 30th birthday. It seems weird to write those words not because I’m worried about getting older or about saying “I’m 30”,  but because entering a new decade marks strikingly the passage of time. It provides a huge opportunity for pausing mentally and has spurred me to write this post.

Since turning 30, nothing has changed. Not how I think about myself, not how friends or peers view me, not my body nor my mind. But what turning 30 has prompted me to do is self-reflect. Reflect on what I’ve learned, how I want to show up in the world, my values and where I’m heading. I’m sharing this in hopes that you find it to be inspiring, enjoyable or useful!

What I’ve learned in 30 years on this planet:

  1. An attitude of gratitude will take you far. You’ll never have enough unless you appreciate what you have.
  2. Hardships make you resilient. You can’t control what happens to you but you can control how you react to it.
  3. Change is inevitable.
  4. Ask for what you want. The worst they can say is no.
  5. Material goods will break, be destroyed, loose their shine and wear out. Sometimes it happens sooner than you’d like, sometimes stuff you love lasts a lifetime, Either way, realizing that nothing lasts forever helps you roll with your computer breaking or dropping your Grandma’s favorite china on the floor. It’ll happen sometime. Let. It. Go.
  6. Love fiercely those in your life. Imagine yourself losing them. Be thankful for the time you have with them. It’s impossible to constantly be stoked on your relationships but imagining your life without that person will help you appreciate their presence now.
  7. Don’t always feel like you have to be doing something or be productive. Allow yourself time off.
  8. Stand up for what you believe in.
  9. Communication is the basis for all relationships. Listen to other people, be clear with your wants and needs and communicate openly. Assumptions severely limit progress and inhibit productivity.
  10. Identify your values and make your decisions based on those values.
  11. Work out. Put yourself and your body first. When you get busy, fitness should not be the first thing that goes. If you’re not taking care of yourself, you can’t expect to take care of everyone else, perform well or be at your best.
  12. Take a year off from buying clothes. You don’t need ‘em.
  13. Be conscious about what you eat. Learn what’s good for you. Food either helps or hinders so if you’re not eating things that are helping/healing, then you’re eating poison. It’s the truth.
  14. Your subconscious affects how you view the world.
  15. The earth is a magical place. Breathe it in. Take time to be in nature. Appreciate your surroundings.
  16. You are enough.
  17. Plastic water bottles are not necessary. Buy a reusable water bottle and carry it around with you. It’s not that hard.
  18. One person can make a difference.
  19. Your mindset is super powerful. Work on expanding your mind and you’ll see immediate positive impact in your life. The thoughts we think impact our actions which impact our everyday existence.
  20. By taking care of yourself first, you’re able to do the most positive work.
  21. Think before you buy. You vote with your dollar and who you choose to support has a direct impact on our communities and our planet. Start to think about 1) if you really need what you want to buy and 2) if the company that you are supporting is doing work/making products that are aligned with your values.
  22. The most powerful thing we possess is our ability to choose. We can choose who we hang out with, where we live, what thoughts we think, who we buy from, what we eat, etc. If you aren’t stoked on your life, choose to change it.
  23. Meditation is crucial to reduce stress.
  24. Humans are incredibly resilient creatures. We can move through trauma, learn to heal and come out stronger than we thought possible.
  25. Connection and community are the keys to a happy life.
  26. You’re so much more valuable than how you look. You have tons to offer the world and none of it is based on your outside appearance.
  27. Having a clear message and mission will enable you to reach unparalleled heights. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there.
  28. If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no.
  29. Come at things from a place of love instead of fear and lack. Don’t let fear get in your way.
  30. You are awesome!

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