Girls Who Rip: Katie Hitchcock

Where do you live or consider your home base?
Salt Lake City + on the road! (Sometimes Hood River!)
What do you consider to be your main sport/passion and how did you get started in it?
Skiing! Started when I was 3, but didn't start competing until the end of high school and into college when I got into slopestyle and freeride competitions.
Do you have a daily routine or practice that's important to you, and if so, why?
Yes! I have a few some are task oriented, some are movement oriented, and some are food oriented. I usually fill up a Stanley thermos with tea the night before and have it on my bed-stand for the next morning (literally still steaming) and can be in bed, with a cup of hot tea without my feet ever needing to hit the ground! Then I throw on a song and move my body in whatever way it's asking to be moved or I do a mini gratitude journaling BEFORE I look at my phone. My phone cannot be touched other than to set an alarm when I'm in bed. Then I make my bed and I go make this superfood drink/shot to kick off the rest of the day. All in all, it takes less than 10 minutes! I do this to drop into my senses and prioritize an experience first thing instead of results. And also DECIDE how my day is going to go instead of leaving it to chance or to let my mind drop into to-do list's and overwhelm of what I haven't done yet because typically I end up getting tunnel vision and getting less done when that happens!
What motivates you?
Freedom to be absolutely and authentically myself. There is SO much life has to offer, so many experiences, things to learn, people to meet, places to go - I honestly feel like it's an insult to living to not be excited about that.
What do you fear most and how do you overcome it?
Disappointing people and myself for sure. To know that I'm capable of something and not let myself go for it because of fear of failing or embarrassment or letting someone down. I continuously do inner work on this because there are always new levels of trusting ourselves but the biggest ticket is learning to not prematurely expect disappointment in order to protect myself from things that "might not work out." And cultivating very strong communication skills!
What’s one of your 2021 goals?
One fo the following: Scuba dive masters, pilots license, or sky dive A license!
What’s your top tip for a beginner looking to get into your sport?
Find a friend to learn with but don't let not having a friend like that stop you, because you will make friends SO quickly! I think being honest with where you're at and maintaining excitement for what is about to open to up to you is huge, instead of judging yourself for being a beginner. No one skips day 1! Also skiing is no doubt an expensive sport, but if you ask around you'll be able to find second hand gear for free or for cheap, and when it comes time to actually go in and buy new equipment, definitely start with BOOTS! Oh and frost bite is NOT WORTH IT - if you're cold. Go in. - Sincerely my toes
What’s your favorite mantra?
Calm, confident, commit
Do you have any nutrition guidelines/tips that you feel affect performance?
Hydrate!!! If you have access to living water (like spring water if you have a spring nearby or a Kangen machine) is best but also drinking warm/ hot water helps your body actually absorb water because the molecules are smaller when it's hot :) otherwise you just feel sloshy and have to pee a lot because it isn't absorbed haha. MSM capsules or powder to help with recovery and connective tissue regeneration. Cordyceps Mushrooms capsules/ powder in smoothies or coffee to oxygen intake and energy levels!
What five words would your best friends use to describe you?
Enthusiastic, intuitive, healer, empath, fluid
What do you do to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly?
When I shop I eat primarily vegetarian/ vegan + buy food without packaging (produce)! I limit plastics as much as possible and when I buy anything I buy it with the intention of keeping it or at the very least finding a new home for it afterwards. It gives me knots in my stomach to put anything in the trash haha. I also balancing buying second hand if possible or high quality and built for life if new There are SO many good finds that you cannot find anywhere else and it gives that product a second life! My girlfriends and I also do clothing swaps about twice a year where we can refresh each-others closets!
Who or what inspires you?
People who've managed to say yes to their intuition and desires and create a life that might not make sense to others but lights up their own soul. It takes so much courage to walk off the beaten path and bushwack your own trail, and those are usually the people that change how everyone else things and see's things.
What are your tips on overcoming bro’s and bad vibes in your sport?
Honestly, might sound weird but compassion. It is sometimes mind blowing to me that bad vibes have anything to feed off of in outdoor sports but it's because we tend to give them something to live off of with our reactions. Usually in my mind I say something like "hmmm... bummer you see life that way" and shrug my shoulders and re-align with what is going right. Sometimes there's an opportunity for an actual conversation and in some instances you are standing up for yourself and not tolerating being spoken to in certain ways. And other times it simply isn't worth your precious energy to engage with someone, and it's better to show /be an example of what you want to see more of than convince someone to change or see something differently. I found that the more I've done that, the bro and bad vibe people don't really show up around me anymore naturally by choosing to not interact with that vibe.
Do you have any sustainable travel hacks or tips?
I always travel with my own water bottle but I also I always bring my own food with me traveling to avoid unnecessary plastic / crap food. I have my own bamboo silverware, travel cup with a lid, straw, and to go container from the food I brought with me also. When you just make it part of your life it isn't an inconvenience, it's just something you do, like tying your shoelaces. I always have a 4 gallon water jug in my car to fill up instead of going for plastic water bottles or sometimes questionable tap water A lot of the time I end up using airplane travel as an opportunity to water fast for a day (if my body is feeling it). Also driving at 65 mph (slow cars help haha) and having plenty of airs in your tires massively helps fuel efficiency and how much gas you burn. Throw on a good podcast and cruise control baby!
What is your day job, and how do you manage work/fun balance?
I am a business and energy coach for adventurous leaders! I also have a podcast (The Common Stitch and I ski coach here and there. I have done a lot of work around bringing fun in throughout the day, celebrating despite results and REALLY celebrating when there are results. I also don't consider work + fun to be two fully different categories. I don't withhold fun for the sake of a to-do list but that also doesn't mean I shirk off responsibility. The biggest thing for me is knowing that starting my day off with any kind of fun motivates me to keep creating my life to hold MORE of that being possible. Instead of it being a game of sacrifices and "shoulds." I don't have the belief that work doesn't equal fun, and that is a huge difference. I intentionally make it fun and watch my language / verb-age around how I describe work days.
Have you experienced any traumatic or scary events in your sport and how did you overcome it?
I compression fractured a vertebra in my spine under rotating a backflip, I've very seriously concussed myself once and less seriously concussed myself 2 more times, I have a plate in my left arm from a torn ligament and bone issue, and reallllyyy wrecked my left ankle tendons/ligaments which kind of cascaded up my left leg. I've also been in a very small (thankfully) avalanche in bounds in Italy. Plus friends being seriously injured as well as losing some to the mountains. I think I identified with all of it first and made "being injured" a part of who I was for a really long time. It was a story that kept resurfacing and it limited me from actually doing the work to really fully come back for years because I was afraid of hurting myself again so I was also limiting my potential in competitions etc... not because I couldn't do what I wanted but because I was so focused on the potentially negative outcome and therefore manifesting more of it. I beat myself up about mistakes and spent a lot of time in my head about what I wished had/hadn't happened. I had to put a leash on what I focused on as well as really let myself process grief and frustration and anger and sadness without making it mean anything other than it's just what needed to come up and be felt. I don't think any of us realize how much we store in our bodies memories. That's been huge in my own energy work and healing journey.
How do you cross train in your down time?
Mountain biking, kiteboarding, reformer pilates and yoga!
What are you currently struggling with?
I'm definitely at an interesting identity crossroads between being an athlete/ media in the industry and having my own business. I have been a ski bum/ athlete for so long, that leaving that to be more in the realm of media for the my podcast and also stepping even more fully into my energy and business coaching can leave me wondering "who" I am. Even though I know I don't need to choose, I feel this is both the ending and beginning of an "era" and it feels weird, and bittersweet, and nostalgic, and exciting all at once.
What are your favorite podcasts?
Mine (hehe), Broken Brain Podcast w/ Dhru Purohit, The Angie Lee Show Feminine as F#uck, Wild Ideas Worth Living, Joe Rogan, Almost 30, Earn Your Happy
What are your favorite books?
Self Improvement style books: The Queens Code, A Happy Pocket Full of Money, You are a Badass, Becoming Supernatural
Other reads: Catch 22, The Alchemist, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Series
What are your tips for dealing with injuries?
There are a lot of tips and tricks to "do" or consume but underneath it all, is compassion and grace with the healing process. Learn to get cozy and celebratory with gradual growth. You might have to make yourself celebrate. DO that. Don't tolerate the mindset that your limited movement "isn't enough." I was NOT nice to myself or my body (not letting myself recover because of fomo) and it was so destructive! Don't do it! Make it feel like you're giving back to yourself and your body instead of being imperfect/ damaged goods/ not there yet. Hydrated cells function best!!! Water! Turmeric - Golden Milk lattes 6 oz of Aloe juice + coconut water right before bed (detox/ anti inflammatory) MSM capsules/ powder Epsom salt baths SLEEEEEEEEEEP - quality sleep! Try to stop eating 2 hours before bed, limit drinking alcohol a lot, and don't stare at your screen (or at least get blue blockers) so you can actually sleep and your body can release melatonin and go into recovery and repair while you sleep instead of digestion. Send massive amounts of gratitude to your body for doing its job and reaffirm that you're healing and getting stronger every day vs. focusing on what still "isn't there."
What's something you're really proud of doing or accomplishing?
Following the faintest nudge of an idea for a podcast and business when I had NOOOO clue what I was doing! And now I help others shortcut that process or expand from where they are! It is SO rewarding to have taken a big scary leap and feel like all of the fear and doubt and breakdowns are worth it!
What are your favorite Sensi Swim pieces? 
Nika Top!!! I wear it as a sports bra when I'm skiing! Bonus if you know there's an apres hot tub available ;)

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