Girls Who Rip: Danielle Bushell

Our girls who rip feature this week is surfer and yogi Danielle Bushell. Danielle is pretty cool-her down to earth spirit and high vibe living inspire us! Not only does she live in Bali but she owns a yoga retreat and co-working space. #goals. Read about Danielle below and get inspired to upgrade your mindset. 

Do you have a daily routine or practice that's important to you, and if so, why?

When I wake up- before reaching for my phone , I always try to remember my dream and then take a few deep breaths. There's something special about the moments before the day actually starts and my attention is pulled in different areas; I love connecting to this silence and space of, just me. I then do a short 15-20 minute meditation either on gratitude, or how I am feeling and how I want to feel. This meditation gets me really into my body and gives me direction for the day. I then take about 15 minutes to do a bit of movement- a few sun salutations and usually a long forward fold. I usually don't do a full yoga sequence since I teach yoga later on most days. Forward folds are my favorite, because it's this opportunity to let any weight on the shoulders roll off, creates length in the spine and back of legs making me feel all around more spacious and it's an actual surrender- just folding forwards and inwards which really connects me to the sound, feeling and presence of my breath. Often I get a lot of really great ideas when I just let go in this forward fold. Lastly, I can't start my day without taking my little furry tribe for a walk, which I love. I love seeing how excited and how much they look forward to this part of the day. It's also really calming walking along the rice fields and small rivers listening to the birds before the world wakes up. Mornings are my favorite, I almost wish I had more time to fit more daily routines, but this routine definitely allows me to start my day with a calm, clear and present mind.


What motivates you?

Freedom. The feeling of being free of judgement and financially free pushes me to keep learning, evolving and working.

What do you fear most and how do you overcome it?

Honestly this was one took some thought. The normal things that scare people usually don't scare me and instead kind of excite me. I guess for me though, starting something that represents my work and knowledge really brings up a lot of fear, this imposter syndrome kicks in. I usually overcome it by taking the leap and just DOING it, and coming back to my "why".. why I am pursuing something always takes the pressure off.

What’s your top tip for a beginner looking to get into your sport?

Don't compare, everyone started where you are right now. So instead just enjoy & have fun and let yourself really flow with ocean.

What’s your favorite mantra?

I have it tattooed on my arm in sanskrit.. "aham prema" which translates to I am love.

Do you have any nutrition guidelines/tips that you feel affect performance?

I'm a big advocate for you are what you eat. So I stick to a "high vibe" plant based diet.. I don't put anything in my body if I can't pronounce it... The processed chemicals if it's hard for me to say I can't imagine how difficult it must be for my body to digest and is wasting energy trying to do so.

Who or what inspires you?

My mom. She is so determined, strong and resilient. She really embedded in me that anything is possible. I am also inspired by artists. That can sing and draw and share it with the world I find it so inspiring to be that seen and in touch with their creativity and soul.

What are your tips on overcoming bro’s and bad vibes in your sport?

I immediately look at them with compassion. I feel for them that even in the water doing something that feels so good and free they're in a bad mood- that must suck. I smile and just focus on having fun and while always being mindful of proper etiquette.

Do you have any sustainable travel hacks or tips?

Pack my own tupperware and mason jars of snacks. And always pack a bamboo toothbrush.

What is your day job, and how do you manage work/fun balance?

I run a yoga studio/co-working space in Bali. I also teach yoga, do sound healings & reiki sessions. Luckily it's pretty imperative I find a balance between work & fun, although I find my job fun- if I don't step away once a month and go off to explore & laugh with friends, it shows in my teaching. I usually like to plan one short weekend trip a month where there's no work involved. I easily get caught up in self care & work every day, so because I love my job- I kind of have to force myself to take a weekend off, but it always feels so good.

How do you cross train in your down time?

Breathwork. I know it sounds crazy but having control over my breath let me run a half marathon without any training and has made my paddling in surfing so much stronger. I practice yoga everyday and do a booty group-work out at the gym!

What are you currently struggling with?

"imposter syndrome". Getting over being a perfectionist and just doing.

What are your favorite podcasts?

Oprah's soulful conversations, such a guilty pleasure.

What are your favorite books?

The alchemist, Pride & Prejudice, The Power of Now, Women Who Run With The Wolves

What are your tips for dealing with injuries?

Meditation. Meditating on feeling good seeing yourself without the injury. And taking it as a lesson, what is the injury showing you? Taking it as a time to learn and slow down.

What's something you're really proud of doing or accomplishing?

Starting my own retreat business and now opening my own yoga studio/co-working space. And also, falling in love with myself- that was a big obstacle.

What are your favorite Sensi Swim pieces? 

LOVE the rose eco long sleeve crop top- even though it was sold out so I don't actually have it, but I always froth over it in photos :) and I love my sofi top in align yourself, it's so comfortable- don't ever have to think about it moving and it's super cute! I get so many compliments.

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