Women Led Wednesday and Our Biggest Sale of the Year!

Today is Women Led Wednesday! Join us and #ShopWomen today and every day to support women in leadership.  Women-Led Wednesday is a nationwide campaign designed to encourage consumers to support by voting with their dollars for women-led brands during the holiday shopping season and beyond. 

Visible female leadership is so important to the health of our global economy long-term, the collaborative initiative aims to encourage holiday shoppers to shop women-led brands today and the other 364 days a year.

Sensi Swim one piece for surfing

Today, get 40% off all of our one pieces. Use code "womenled2020". 
this is the only time this week that one pieces will be on sale!

Check out the Women-Led brand directory at WomenLedWednesday.com

Shhh Black Friday Preview!

This holiday weekend, you can purchase one whole suit and get one free! The sale starts Friday and ends Monday. 

Buy a suit for yourself and gift one to a friend! Or buy two for yourself at a screamin' deal. 


Use code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout. All sales final. 

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