Why You Need A "Partner-in-Crime"

Why You Need A

We all have one. The best friend we call when the craving for adventure takes hold of us. Kiteboarding, surfing, skiing, mountain biking, tennis… you name it, they play it. Here at Sensi Bikinis, we have a special name for that number one go-to gal … we call her your “Partner-in-Crime.” To encourage all of our ladies to grab their best friends and head outdoors, we’ve come up with a list of our top reasons why adventuring is best with a Partner-in-Crime:  
  • She’ll push you past your limits. You can’t make up excuses because both of you have similar setbacks and advantages. She will hold you accountable and will push you to succeed.
  • You're similar sizes. She is closer to your height so you will set the same length of steps for a boot pack while skiing. This is way better than feeling like you’re on a stairmaster following behind your male friend who just happens to be 6’5”. You can also borrow her wetsuits.
  • Drinking buddies! I bet she loves wine as much as you do. Bring on the après-ski!
  • Female Empowerment. There won’t be any sexist or rude comments coming from her, only positivity and encouragement from a like-minded individual. She'll push you in your personal life, professional life, and athletics.
Women sailing
  • Shared Experiences. She has the same difficulty of peeing in nature (ugh, bib ski pants are the worst). She'll also hang out with you while you’re panting and sweating up a mountain during the day, then get dolled up with you to go out in the evening.
  • She can give you advice on the best gear and programs designed for women.
  • Camaraderie. In a sport like kiteboarding which is male-dominated, it’s good to involve your girl friends to try and balance the scales.
 Women kiteboarders beach
  • Patience. Women are typically more patient when it comes to teaching. So you know that unhooked front roll you’ve been trying to get? Your Partner-in-Crime will help you master it.
  • Encouragement. You and your best bud can encourage each other without being too competitive. Having a Partner-in-Crime that pushes you and that you push too is really special. You will both improve faster in every sport, because you’ll be trying to keep up with each other’s progression.
  • Did we mention they’re great travel buddies?

Some girls powder their nose, you and your girls ski powder. Some girls wear dresses, you wear wetsuits. Some girls wear make up, but you ladies think scrapes and bruises from biking are badges of honor. Instead of a spray tan, you have a ski-goggle tan. Instead of checking Instagram, you and your Partner-in-Crime check the wind report. Grab your best friend, pack as much gear into the car as possible, and go have some adventures! You’ll never regret an adventure outdoors with your favorite Partner-in-Crime.

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