What To Pack For Your Next Tropical Vacation

What To Pack For Your Next Tropical Vacation

As fall sets upon us, we're moved to start planning our next tropical (or winter!) escape!

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Rashguard: Sun protection is the number one thing we can do to protect our skin. It's definitely ok (and necessary!) to get that Vitamin D but if you're going to be out surfing all day or hanging at the beach for prolonged periods of time, be aware of your exposure. 

Water Bottle: We've said it time and time again! A water bottle is a necessity while traveling. Most airports now have excellent water bottle filling stations and having a bottle on your person at all times will ensure you're staying hydrated. 

Towel: We came across these towels recently and were super stoked to find such a great multi-purpose item! Use as a beach towel, for hot yoga or as a blanket on a long flight. Plus they're made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Bikinis!: They pack down so small, why not bring a few? We like to have dry ones to put on for our second sessions, one pieces to wear with cut-offs and a variety of cuts to rotate the tan lines. 

Hat: A must. We love local Hood River company Pistil!

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Sunglasses: Duh. 

Sunscreen: We're ever more conscious of what we put on our bodies and what products we're using that go into our water streams. This sunscreen is reef-safe which means you can snorkel with the fishes without worrying about harming them. It's also safe to use for anyone in your family and made with organic ingredients. 

Surf Leggings: If you haven't tried our leggings as another means of sun protection yet, you're missing out. These super soft, super stretchy leggings are designed to go in the water and provide even more sun protection. Skip the sunscreen, wear these leggings and be a rockstar. 


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