What to do with the waste from your bikini

What to do with the waste from your bikini

Here at Sensi Bikinis, we strive to reduce, reduce, reduce. We don't want to just make another product-we want to make a lasting product, with minimal waste and with sustainability at our core. For every component that goes into a bikini, we think about what the lifecycle of that item is going to look like and how we can minimize, if not eliminate, excess waste. 

Last year, we proudly made the transition to compostable poly bags (the baggies the suits come in) and compostable hygienic liners. 

But just using these bags isn't enough. It's our responsibility as a manufacturer to ensure that our customers know what to do with these compostable bags and actually see that the proper procedures are carried out to minimize landfill additions

Read on for what to do with the packaging that comes with your bikini.

The items that come to you when you order a suit (besides the suit!):
1) Recycled plastic mailer or recycled paper mailer 
2) Paper packing slip
3) Paper postcard
4) Hygienic liner (on bottoms)
5) Recycled paper hang-tag with cotton string and safety pin
6) Poly bag (either compostable or recycled plastic as we transition to all compostable)

Let's start with the poly bags and hygienic liners:

How to properly dispose of a certified compostable item can be confusing. Our instructions only apply to the poly bags and hygienic liners because we know the source to be reputable and certified to the highest standards.

To properly dispose of the compostable hygienic liners (look for *compostable on the liner) and compostable poly bags (look for sticker with *compostable on bag).

1. Perhaps the easiest option. Bury it! The liners and bags are derived from sustainable wood pulp and are certified compostable, marine bio-degradable, and are free of phthalates and bisphenol. That means that they won't degrade the soil or harm the Earth! You can bury these items in your back yard and they will break down in 90-120 days. Easy!

2. Put in your back yard compost. These bags and liners meet the European EN 13432 and American ASTM D6400 composting norms, which means that they will break down in 90 days in an industrial composter. In your own backyard, that number could be higher or lower but it will break down. Take matters into your own hands and put the liners and bags into your back yard compost and watch them break down.

3. Toss into your municipal green waste collection. But HOLD UP! You must call your municipal collection service to see if they will take these items. The regulations still aren't in place for proper labeling of compostable items and oftentimes municipal collectors will not realize or know that an item is compostable. CALL to find out!

Paper packing slip and postcard:



1. Send back to us! We can use these hang tags again and again. There's a reason "reuse" comes before "recycle" in the "reduce, reuse, recycle ♻️" saying. Reusing an item extends the lifecycle immensely. We will gladly take back any hang tags (and packaging materials for that matter!). 

Pop in an envelope, put a stamp on it and send to:

Sensi Bikinis

3106 Eugene st.

Hood River, OR 97031

2. Recycle the paper and save the string and safety pin. Safety pins are useful! Before just tossing these items in the trash, think about what you might be able to use it for. No ideas? Donate to a local sewing shop or school. 

Plastic mailers:

1. Remove the label and recycle the mailer. Half of the battle with recycling is proper cleaning and sorting. Take the time to do the job right. 

Thank you for working with us on keeping our packaging out of landfills!

How are you reducing waste in your life? We'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment below. 

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