Top 10 Tips For a Full, Fit and Beautiful Life!

Top 10 Tips For a Full, Fit and Beautiful Life!

1.  Be inspired. Nothing makes you appreciate beauty and this life quite like a healthy dose of inspiration. This is the stuff that gets your blood boiling (in a good way) and gives you the motivation to make a difference. Take a run, try that new recipe, learn to surf, move or generally embrace all the wonderful things this world has to offer.

2.  Drink H2O. The stuff of life. Fills you up. Gives you energy. Cleanses toxins. Reduces inflammation. I cannot express enough the importance of drinking clean, pure water.

3.  Smile. Pass it on. Remember: you do have influence on other people’s lives. Adding a smile into your daily routine truly does help spread happiness and good cheer. Think about it, if someone smiles at you genuinely, it’s bound to put a smile on your face. Do good and be the smiler.

4.  Workout daily. I've found this absolutely key to making me feel good about myself. And nothing increases health benefits as much as a daily moving of my body. I recently heard a friend of mine say “my body is my favorite piece of equipment.” Amen!

5.  Be grateful. Be appreciative of what you have. Coming from a space of gratefulness will make you want for less. If you’re thankful for the things you have, you will appreciate them more. Isn’t that what you bought that new surfboard for anyway?! To use it and to love it? Not to covet another one...

6.  Eat Clean. You are what you eat and it is so true. To be fit, eat foods that give your body the nutrients that it NEEDS and avoid anything that depletes them (sugar, for instance, does not provide any nutrients for your body and in fact depletes your body of vitamins and minerals in order to process it. Not to mention the strain sugar puts on your insulin regulating system). Take it easy on your body and yourself. The long term implications outweigh the immediate gratification!

7.  Engage your brain. Stimulation! So good for you. Also keeps you engaged and present. Let’s enjoy this beautiful life!

8.  Chase your passion. While finding your passion can be a challenge in itself, once you do, following it is a surefire way to stimulate your happiness muscle and live the life you want. As often as you can, ask yourself, “am I happy doing what I’m doing right now?” Follow the yes’s, avoid the no’s.

9.  Travel. Exposure to new ideas, stimulation for your brain, appreciation for the natural world. Travel does all of these things and more.

10.  Challenge yourself. Personal growth comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone. Make it a mission to learn something new this year. You’ll discover strengths, identify weaknesses, and get more in touch with your self. How beautiful is that?

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