The Scoop with Sensi: The true cost of shipping

Free shipping. A claim made prevalent by behemoth retailers but which actually hides the true cost.  

As a small business, we're also expected to offer free, fast shipping and free returns and exchanges. 

Here's what goes into "free" shipping

Handling fee: $3.50

Compostable bag: $.13

Shipping cost: $5-$12

Shipping label: $.10

That's on average, $9-$12 per order and we charge $5-6.

Additionally, not listed above are even more costs:

  • Warehouse storage fees
  • Technology and hardware to create labels and handle returns and exchanges
  • Customer service time
  • and more!

Our goal here at Sensi Swim is to make you FEEL AWESOME. Customers come first in our book. We're not here to make you feel less than (the media does that enough already) or like you can't (you CAN) or like we're trying to take advantage of you.

We're simply providing an awesome product with an awesome story for awesome women (YOU). 

Therefore we absorb much of the shipping costs and we do so in order to stoke you out. In the spirit of transparency, I wanted to share how "free" is most likely not free at all.

See you next week!



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