The Scoop with Sensi: How we're making our suits even better

Make an awesome product. That's one of core values here at Sensi Graves Swim. We want to make the best possible bikinis, that truly work for your active life.

Every year we develop new styles and we're always refining existing styles to keep making them better. 

A few seasons ago, we hired The Squad to help bring professional and democratic fit to the existing Sensi Graves line. The Squad is a design and development firm out of Portland, led by Stephanie and Kozet who bring years of product and fit expertise.

Stephanie Muhlenfeld has 16 years of product experience with brands including Victoria’s Secret, Aerie, Nike, and Evelyn and Bobbie. She also holds 8 patents across 3 companies.

Kozet Mitchell spent 14 years at Nike across multiple departments as a key innovator and maker. Kozet’s love for product, and persistent dedication to ensure a product is designed and developed to its full potential is an exceptional quality that is hard to find.

In analyzing our existing styles, we fit tested on small, medium and large sizes to make sure everything scales properly. Then we tweaked each piece to fit a greater variety of body styles. We also adjusted patterns and tech packs to make sure the line fits consistently and most importantly, comfortably. 

This is just a tiny bit of the work we're putting into the fit, quality and function of our suits.

Comment below with anything else you might want to see from our design and production process. 

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