Stuff We're Stoked on with Isabel Von Zastrow

Stuff We're Stoked on with Isabel Von Zastrow

Our Team Sensi athletes are a huge source of inspiration for us: they're talented, dedicated, strong women who just plain get after it. And so we naturally wondered, what motivates them? We've asked them to share, and the result is this new blog feature: Stuff We're Stoked On.

This week Stuff We're Stoked On is brought to you by kiteboarder Isabel Von Zastrow!

Issy shares:

  1. My health and being able to stay active - I am stoked to be able to enjoy so many aspects of health and wellness as my body allows. I try to stay grateful for the energy I have to express myself in sports. 
  2. All my vegan foods here in Oregon - It isn’t always easy to find good vegan food and the diversity I am able to find in Oregon is endless! No complaints here!
  3. Learning new sports - I have been spending time in Oregon and I am so stoked on the abundance of sport culture here. The people and nature is ever encouraging to get outside and learn new things such as biking and snowboarding (in the same day if you want to)!
  4. Always being up for an adventure! - no matter how far fetched or exotic a trip might sound, I am up for the challenge.  Let’s go!
  5. The support and motivation around me - My friends and family never cease to amaze me with their faith in my abilities; always pushing me to be my best and strive to be the top of my game! 

What are you stoked on? We'd love to hear! Email or tag us on social media! #sensibikinis

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