Meet the woman behind the suit-- Nika Kermani!

Nika Mamara Kermani is a powerhouse. A community-builder, dancer and lover of life, Nika is the founder of NK Studios--the premiere dance and fitness studio in Bingen, Washington. 

Nika's original bottom-the Nika 1.0- was something that came about as the high-waisted revolution became cutting-edge. Nika Kermani is cutting-edge and these bottoms reflected that. But her original vision was for something more classic and more flattering for a shapely woman. 

After a few years with this project on the backburner, we have finally unveiled Nika 2.0, the french cut version! 

This bottom epitomizes Nika and her passion for wellness, movement and aesthetics. Designed to flatter with a higher cut legline, the Nika French Cut bottoms are seamless, comfortable and made to move with you. In life, in sport, in dance and in blazing trails wherever you go. 

The woman behind this bikini is one of the most powerful women that I know and I am thrilled to honor her with these eponymous bottoms. 

Nika, what is is that you do? And how do you create work/life balance?

I am a studio owner, instructor, and artist. I am constantly working on the balance bit. I find my work fun so it's difficult to set boundaries around it & I tend to work a lot. Going for hikes with my dog with headphones on helps me get away, but then I'll start making up dances to new music I find whilst trekking. So, like I said, we are working on it!

Sensi's note: Nika is a workhorse and extremely driven, but she's able to incorporate a softness and slowness into life that is entirely inspirational. 

Who or what inspires you?

Nature inspires me. It's never in a rush yet always on time. Just perfectly itself.

What's something you're really proud of doing or accomplishing?

I am proud of making big life decisions out of Faith rather than fear. It's been working out nicely.
What’s your favorite mantra?


There's nothing more important than the task at hand. Be where your feet are.


What sports do you do in your suits?


Dance, hike, gym, look cute.


What size SG suits do you wear?


Medium top & bottom, usually - sometimes a large top or even XL in the Petra top.
What are your favorite Sensi Swim pieces?


The Nika Bottom 2.0, duh though I also love the Rose top for it's use in & out of water.



Find Nika on instagram and tik tok and discover what she's all about (and take a class!) over at 

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