How to Care for your Swimwear

We pride ourselves on creating durable swimwear, but nothing lasts forever! We tend to be hard on these little fabric pieces, plus our swimwear has to withstand sun, salt, chlorine, and temperature extremes, just to name a few. That's asking a lot! Over time these factors can lead to fading and stretching. So what's a bikini-loving girl to do? Take our simple suggestions to prolong the life of your suit. With a little thought and effort, you can make that favorite bikini last a long time!

Tips for caring for your swimwear to keep it (and you!) looking fine:

1. Rinse Regularly. The most important tip is often the hardest to remember! You should always rinse your bikinis immediately after use to get rid of sand, salt, sunscreen, and chlorine. For a deeper clean, hand wash with a detergent meant for delicates, or try a quick vinegar soak (one part vinegar to three parts warm water).

2. But easy on the wash! It's best not to put your bikini in the washing machine. Most swimwear is made from a blend of lycra or spandex and nylon or polyamide. The more lycra that is in a suit, the more compression and stretch it will have. Machines stretch the fabric putting unnecessary wear and tear on the suit. If you must use a machine, use the delicate cycle and put your swimwear in a mesh lingerie bag. But it's way better to hand wash with cool water, gently kneading (not pulling or wringing!) the suit clean. We recommend a bio-degradable soap so it's gentle on your swimwear and the environment!

 3. Dry gently. Never, ever put your suit in the dryer! The temps are too hot for the delicate fabric and you risk damaging it for good. The best method is to dry your bikini flat: lay it out on a towel, then roll up the towel and squeeze it gently to press out excess water (don't wring or twist). Unroll the towel and leave your suit flat to continue drying (but avoid leaving it in direct sunlight, which can fade color and weaken fibers).

4. Have a rotation. Giving your suits a chance to dry completely before the next wear will go a long way toward preventing stretching. And hot water is hard on swimwear, so pay attention to how many times you hot tub in each bikini (or designate one suit for the hot tub only!)

5. Store with care. Make sure your suit is completely dry before you put it away - mildew grows amazingly fast! If you're traveling, try packing your suits in a special purpose bikini bag, and get damp ones out in the open as soon as possible. Then store your bikinis flat to preserve their shape.  

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