Buy the F****** Bathing Suit!

You are badass.

Has anyone told you lately how much of a badass you are? How incredibly beautiful, strong, talented and absolutely ENOUGH you are? Have you told yourself that lately?

I've been doing a lot of confidence work lately because, guess what?! Despite being a beautiful, talented, hard-working, butt-kicking, kiteboarding badass (self-touting here!), I don't always feel that way.

I don't always feel worthy or like I'm doing enough. I don't always feel good in my body or "bikini-ready". 

To combat that?

I tell myself I'm badass!

I say the affirmations, I proclaim it and I celebrate myself! 

Because that's how you REALLY show up in the world. That's how you really become the bright, shiny light that you are. You start with FEELING good and the rest will follow. 

So take yourself on that date, celebrate your wins, draw a nice long bath, do something nice for yourself to feel good and buy the f****** bathing suit. You are a queen and you look damn good. 

Have an awesome day!


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