Best Female Run Rider Brand!

Wow. The 2016 KiteSista Reader's Choice Nominations have just been announced and we are so pleased and thankful to be nominated for Best Female Run Rider Brand! What an honor to represent the bikinis for kiteboarding and all of the ladies in our fabulous sport.

Even better is that so many of our team has been nominated as well!

girl_kite_bikini_brazil Owner Sensi Graves is nominated for "Most Steeziest Park Rider" "Hardest Working Female Contributor to the Industry" and "Best Female Video" kite_bikini_tropical_beach Team rider Colleen Jo Carroll is nominated for "Best Female Brand Ambassador" as well as "Steeziest Park Rider" and "Hardest Working Female Contributor" Malin_amle_blue_bikini_kite Team rider Malin Amle is nominated for "Hardest Working Female Contributor"! GO TEAM!!

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