Behind the Flower Power Collection

I often get asked--what inspires each print? What's the story there?

I'm constantly collecting ideas, colors, textures and things I love. I save these throughout the year and use my wanderings to create a collection that speaks to me (and hopefully to you!). 

The 2022 Flower Power Collection is inspired by the grace, femininity and power of the female athletes of the 60's and 70's. These women were pioneers in so many ways, shapes and forms!

From Billie Jean King who was a pioneer for social equality and justice to Marge Calhoun who led female surfing in Hawaii in the 70's, our successes are built on the backs of these icons. 

As a female athlete myself, I continue to struggle with battling for equal prize money, equal media representation and equal sponsorship dollars. Flower Power is an ode to the female power of the past and a reminder that our work is not yet done. There's still more to do. 

This collection features a throwback print that is reminiscent of the 60's and 70's and that demonstrates the grace and strength of the women that came before us.

Join us as we honor those that came before and stand together to continue the fight for equality. #femalepower 

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