5 ways to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling

5 ways to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling

Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures and something that we relish and savor here at Sensi Graves Bikinis. We LOVE exploring this big, beautiful world of ours. Traveling opens up our minds, stimulates our senses and connects us with humanity and the planet. We are fortunate in our ability to travel. However, one of the biggest strains on the environment is traveling-by bus, plane, train or automobile. Instead of urging you to travel less (we're not showing too many signs of slowing down ourselves), we're offering up our tried and true practices for reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact while en route to our destination.

1. Carry a reusable water bottle. This should now be common sense. Plastic water bottles are a scourge on the earth and in addition, are the biggest waste of money. Utilize this practice while traveling and while at home and eliminate plastic bottles from your life once and for all. Bonus points: Carry along a coffee thermos as well! Coffee houses large and small will gladly fill your reusable mug . 

2. Pack along bamboo silverware. I've owned a travel pack of bamboo cutlery for years but it wasn't until a friend pulled out her set while dining in the airport that made me realize I had been severely underutilizing my to-go ware! Previously stored in my car and only pulled out for the occasional road-trip meal or impromptu picnic, my travel silverware is now always on my person, especially when traveling internationally. Carry a reusable set with you and effectively eliminate plastic silverware from your life. This set is great. 

3. Make it a game to see how little single-use plastic you can use while en route to your destination. Refuse plastic bags, buy items only in paper or other non-plastic packaging and see just how little you can consume while gallivanting through the airport. 

4. Buy carbon off-sets. The amount we travel directly impacts our carbon footprint on the earth. This website enables you to purchase offsets on a one-time or monthly basis, calculate your personal carbon footprint and provides a wealth of information on ways to reduce greenhouse gases. For just $20 you can counter the effects of cross-country air travel. 

5. Support businesses that are environmentally conscious. One of our biggest sources of influence as a citizen is deciding whom we support with our hard-earned dollars. While traveling, make a conscious effort to seek out businesses that are eco-friendly and green. This applies to restaurants, hotels and mom and pop shops you encounter along the way. 

Bon voyage friends! 

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