5 Self Care Practices that are Free

5 Self Care Practices that are Free

We've been talking a lot lately about feeling good in our bodies. Our purpose as a swimwear brand is to help you feel more confident. 

Feeling confident starts with taking care of ourselves AND ends with not letting outside image, accolades, or performance affect our self worth. 

Without biting off more than I can address in one post, we're going to focus on tips for self-care that will boost your happiness and therefore your confidence. 

The rub is that we often get bogged down in day-to-day life— paying bills, ordering things on Amazon, spending hours researching what new face toner to buy, working, responding to emails and playing catch up. We’re caught up in everything we “have” to do. And we often say “I have to” but do you actually have to or are you choosing to?

We may not feel like we have the luxury of time, but if we’re not actively making time for ourselves, something is wrong. If we can’t carve out 15 minutes to take care of ourselves, we have a much bigger problem in our lives. It’s unsustainable, un-nourishing and put simply what is the point? What is the point if we don’t feel good? If we don’t choose to MAKE the time to do things we love and which make us feel amazing.

Today, I’m asking you to choose how you spend your time but I won’t ask you to spend any money. Self-care is not all about fancy massages and pricey facials or dinners out. Self-care starts at home. Read on for self care that’s free and give yourself some lovin’ time!

  1. Make yourself a nourishing meal. Scrounging in the fridge for scraps is not the most relaxing endeavor. A few pieces of rolled up salami, a leftover bowl of soup and some celery is not the most nourishing thing in the world. Feeling good starts with fueling our bodies right and TAKING THE TIME to make something amazing is a form of self-care at its highest potential.
  2. Take a yoga class. I don’t need to write any more on the benefits of yoga. We know it’s good for us. There are plenty of free online yoga classes. You don’t need to go to a fancy studio. Make TIME for a half hour at home. (doyogawithme.com and yogawithadriene.com are two good ones). More ways to move your body can be found here. 
  3. Baths. I love me a good bath. Pour in a cup of epsom salt, half a cup of baking soda and add a few drops of lavender essential oil and you’ve got yourself a luxurious, relaxing spa experience. Light a candle, turn on your favorite mellow jams and soak. Enjoy your TIME.
  4. Listen to inspiring podcasts. Podcasts have taken over the world! And I love it. Free amazing content that inspires, entertains and motivates? Yes, please! A few of my favorites: RISE podcast, Marie Forleo Podcast, Wild Ideas Worth Living, That’s So Retrograde and Awesome with Alison. 
  5. Vision Boarding. Another relatively free (do you have a glue stick or tape? It’s free!) activity that is a prime form of self-care. Vision boarding is about dreaming big, and identifying where you want to take your life. Grab a stack of magazines (your local coffee shop will probably relinquish some) and snip, snip. Identifying your big goals and dreams will give you something to work towards. You can’t get there if you don’t know where you’re going. The big power in vision boarding lies in relaxing into your life today, creating enjoyment in your current situation but also holding space for a courageous and bigger “dream” life to exist.

Self care is about making ourselves feel good. Feeling good starts with TAKING THE TIME to enjoy life, to do things that we like and to consume with intention. It’s not about overwhelm or feeling like you have to do more but taking a step back and asking “do I actually like this? What could I be doing instead?” and “What can I do to enjoy today”. 

For more ways to feel good, see here.

What are your favorite ways to practice self-care? Leave a comment below! And if you like this blog post, share it with your friends. Spread the love. 

Hope you have an enjoyable day!




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