Girls Who Rip: Hannah Haywood

Hannah Haywood is an amazing artist, surfer and snowboarder. This Portland native is a designer and outdoors woman who enjoys reading, stretching and more!


What do you consider to be your main sport/passion and how did you get started in it?
My main sport is any board sport really, especially surfing and snowboarding. My passion is art and anything creative! I started surfing when I was very young and learned from my dad but I really only got back into it within the past year.
Photo by Mackenzie Haugen
Do you have a daily routine or practice that's important to you, and if so, why?
I make sure that I do something creative every single day. It can be a anything from a painting to a little doodle in a notebook. When I get to be creative, I feel most like myself so it's extremely important to provide myself with the space to do so everyday.
What motivates you?
Challenging myself within my passions motivates me most! I love surfing and snowboarding with people who also share the passion because it inspires me to keep going and work harder to improve.
What do you fear most and how do you overcome it?
Often in life I see people become more and more removed from their passions due to "being too busy" and that is something that I truly fear. Sometimes life gets crazy but I think it is so important to remember what really gets you fired up in life and don't stop doing whatever that is!
Photo by Lucy Hegemann
What’s one of your 2021 goals?
Surf at least once every month of the year, even when its freezing on the coast!
What’s your top tip for a beginner looking to get into your sport?
Ask. Every. Single. Question. There is no such thing as a silly question. (Trust me, I still ask some pretty funny questions even now)
What’s your favorite mantra?
"You are capable of anything, do not doubt yourself for even a moment"
What do you do to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly?
Re-use everything you possibly can and always try to shop second hand when possible (offers up, facebook marketplace, thrift stores, etc)
What are your tips on overcoming bro’s and bad vibes in your sport?
In surfing, there can be a major gatekeeping culture. (Secret surf spots, locals only, blah blah blah) I think the best way to improve this is to be inclusive and call that type of behavior out when you see it. Taking part in any sport is a privilege that some people don'y have and it needs to be acknowledged so that changes can be made.
Do you have any sustainable travel hacks or tips?
Ditch plastic when you can! There are so many alternatives to ziplocks and plastic bags such as beeswax wraps and reusable containers.
What is your day job, and how do you manage work/fun balance?
I am a Designer at a creative agency in Portland, Oregon. I am super lucky to love my job and work with a talented team of individuals who also are extremely involved in the outdoors. For work/fun balance, I love to jam pack my weekends so that I can really get out there and also be able to put my full self into my work during the week.
Have you experienced any traumatic or scary events in your sport and how did you overcome it?
Absolutely! I have had a handful of scary moments out in the water and every single time I try to just take it as a learning experience to see how I could have handled the situation better. I always make sure that I get back out there.
How do you cross train in your down time?
Stretching, yoga, moving! Anything to maintain my endurance and muscle that I build while surfing (pushups are key for paddling!)
What are you currently struggling with?
I am incredibly homesick! I was supposed to go home during the holidays and surf back at my hometown surf spot but due to COVID, I have not been able to go home in a year.
What are your favorite books?
I love reading books about the way humans think and human behavior. The Body Keeps Score and Attached are two books I have recently read that I found so interesting!
What are your tips for dealing with injuries?
Listen to your body! Take the extra time to rest so that you can get back to what you love sooner.
What's something you're really proud of doing or accomplishing?
I am really proud of where I am in my design career. I have worked extremely hard to get where I am and even though I know there is always room for growth, it feels nice to finally be able to enjoy the ride.
What are your favorite Sensi Swim pieces? 
I love surfing in my Sensi Swim pieces! Under my wetsuit they stay put and are so comfortable while I am surfing. I absolutely love my high wasted bottoms as well because they have the perfect coverage too.

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