Girls who Rip: Anna Tedesco

This week on Girls Who Rip, we're feature Anna Tedesco. Anna is a woman of many talents: she's a skier, kiter, eco-warrior and is currently training to get her pilot's license. We love her conscious attitude, her sustainability tips and the constant smile she has on her face. Read her interview below!

Where do you live or consider your home base?
I'm still figuring out how to answer this question, hah! I've lived in my van for nearly three years now. In the winter, my home base is Salt Lake City, Utah and in the summer, Hood River, Oregon. I typically spend the spring and fall exploring new places.

What do you consider to be your main sport/passion and how did you get started in it?
Skiing has shaped the person I am today. I credit so many of my unforgettable experiences and relationships to the ski community… it has helped me cultivate the confidence, self-worth and faith in the world that I have today. I was a lucky kid - my parents put me on skis as soon as I could walk. But it wasn’t really until my teenage years when I started competing slopestyle that I really fell in love with skiing. After high school, I moved to Utah for college and to join a freestyle ski team, and my ski community has not stopped growing ever since!

Do you have a daily routine or practice that's important to you, and if so, why?
Before laying down in bed, I spend a few minutes sitting criss cross applesauce and I choose a goal to visualize. Whether it’s perfectly landing a plane, stomping a backflip or even having a tough conversation with someone, I run through it over and over again in my mind from all angles. So when the moment comes that I’m physically ready to send it, I have already been there many times before.

What do you fear most and how do you overcome it?
I fear an injury that would hold me back from doing the things I love. Whenever I feel a wave of fear wash over me whether I am skiing, kiting, biking, etc… I stop in my tracks and say out loud “I am healthy. I am happy. I am humble.” I take a couple of deep breaths, smile and catch up with my friends again. I began this practice after an ACL injury, when my mind was holding me back much more than my body was. And sure, injuries happen and we take them as they come, but this practice has helped ease my mind and lower my heart rate over and over again!

What’s your top tip for a beginner looking to get into your sport?
Visualize. Close your eyes and see yourself from all angles just completely killing it out there. And when chasing your friends around trying to keep up, try not to apologize for being slow, taking too long to pump up, etc. Instead thank the people you are with for showing you the ropes and bring the STOKE! Remember that everyone was a beginner just like you.

What’s your favorite mantra?
I am enough and so much more.
Click here for more affirmations for body confidence.

Do you have any nutrition guidelines/tips that you feel affect performance?
Plan ahead! Have some healthy snacks and ‘real’ food such as fruits and vegetables accessible so when you get off of the water and you’re starving, you don’t reach for the most convenient thing. You reach for the nourishing foods that you’ve prepared in advanced, or a least a granola bar or protein shake to hold you over until you find a healthy meal.

What do you do to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly?
Living out of my van has decreased my environmental footprint like crazy! My consumerism tendencies (buying new clothes, random home accessories, etc.) has nearly vanished simply because I don’t have the space. I use about 20 pounds of propane per year to cook and a few gallons of diesel fuel per year for heat. Of course living out of a van isn’t for everyone, but it sure has taught me to live a simpler lifestyle filled with experiences rather than things that will end up in a dumpster.

Who or what inspires you?
My mom and dad. They’re superheroes. They’re not afraid to get out of their comfort zone, try new things, meet new people and adapt to our ever changing world. They are not so “set in their ways” and stubborn like so many people their age are.

What are your tips on overcoming bro’s and bad vibes in your sport?
See right through that sh*t! Behind that bro facade is someone who has insecurities and struggles like the rest of us. I find that I either kill them with kindness or ignore them and ski/kite with the people who make me feel good and lift me up. We’re all in this together!

Do you have any sustainable travel hacks or tips?
Eat local! Buy food from the markers market and from local businesses. Rather than eating food that has been inefficiently grown from a mono-crop farm thousands of miles away, eat the beautiful, colorful food that comes from your local farmers and artisans.

Have you experienced any traumatic or scary events in your sport and how did you overcome it?
I had a major knee blow out skiing 3 years ago. It was a stupid, preventible injury and the recovery was long and grueling. However I optimized my diet, daily habits and sleep for the best recovery possible. People kept telling me my knee would never be back to “normal” again, and I called bullsh*t. Everyday I focused on my goal of recovering 100% from this injury and with an incredible amount of patience, I did.

What are your favorite podcasts?
‘Broken Brain’ with Dhru Purohit for my fix of juicy health and wellness knowledge. And ‘There I Was’ with the AOPA to satisfy the nerdy aviation side of me.

What are your tips for dealing with injuries?
- Celebrate small victories!
- Be patient with yourself
- Have gratitude for the down time
- Try something new that you wouldn’t normally do if you weren’t injured.
- Meditate and visualize a successful recovery
- Optimize your diet
- do your best to eliminate inflammatory foods and supplement your diet to feed your injury
- Lay off the booze. Every drink you have is distracting your body from recovering
- When you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to do your daily PT… blast some tunes and get after it!

What's something you're really proud of doing or accomplishing?
I met a man on a kite trip in Baja last year. He was born completely deaf and I didn’t know a lick of sign language at the time. But we were so drawn to each other that I decided to take a chance on him and learn ASL (American Sign Language) to be able to communicate and build the relationship that we have now. It is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done and I have so much more to learn, but holy cow it is incredibly rewarding! I’ve learned so much about patience and the non-verbal communication that humans are instantly equipped with.

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